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March 21, 2009


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beautiful, Karen!

you always have so much wisdom to share.

much love!

Matt Dixon


That really touched me. Having come from a family where the dynamics are distorted (at best!), it's really nice to know that I'm not the only one that's had something happen far into childhood which caused a massive domino effect into the present day. I say 'good on ya!' for uncovering this huge bump-in-the-road and undoing it. I'm inspired. :]


wow ... amazing stuff. Inner child work -- in the right context -- really is effective.

There is power in those angel cards, ha? I felt inspired to pull three of them (from a deck I purchased after you and I had our first call) as we're set to launch into the Raw Magic and Mastery program. (I wrote you about it on the RM&M site.)

Naomi in NY


Betrayal...that's a huge piece. I've done the same with my Dad and Mom. And then realizing I've always picked men who would betray me ultimately. Now, the last 4 years, I've been trying to solve the betrayal piece with my girlfriends. Who would've thought! I'm in the process of leaving a business I've had for 20 years. With that and still no relationship, I have been asking myself constantly..."Will this betray me?" Thanks for all your honesty.


Powerful stuff. Well done. This is right where I am at the moment, have just started inner child work and my world is in turmoil. A life long compulsive eating pattern has resurfaced, one which I believed had been solved. I am experimenting with Raw Foods and have long standing health issues which had improved but not now. I can see that when the healing occurs, life will change.


Well done, Karen. May you and your dad be blessed with many years together to make wonderful memories.



This is so beautiful.. thank-you for sharing. I have just been through the same experience! Although my father passed away when I was very young I have been able to make peace by connecting with a love I had with him which I had blocked out before he died. I also feel I have now been able to heal in similar ways from wrongly perceieved child perceptions with similar issues.
With love
Julie-nn xo


wow, what an amazing and touching story Karen. It resonated deeply with me. Thank you.

Amy Webster

Thank you Karen for your honestly and generosity, as always. Your sharing touched me deeply as well and I see that truth is the only way forward. Inner truth leading to outer truth. How brave of you. We are all inspired by your journey.
With gratitude,


Thank you! That was just wat i needed to read today, thank you!


I got a lump in my throat as I read your realization about your father and then the amazing opportunity you had to talk with him. Powerful, brave, incredible. Thank you for sharing this.

max edie

hi karen,
I'm in the process of re-union with my daddy, as I called him in childhood before I felt betrayed. the name was changed to papa, to distance and protect myself and as a way of saying he no longer deserved his former name. the same exact issues of inappropriate men and lack of financial independance have dogged me too. what an insight that this or something similar could be the explanation. thank you for your transparency and sharing this with us. with much love, max

Account Deleted

Yes Karen ~~~
I can connect to this deeply. I have had trust issues with men too as I could not ever have a chance to build in a proper relationship with my father. But everything can be healed with intention and i started the inner child work some years back and it has really helped me. And I love those deck cards, yeah~~~ wonderful tools of magic.
Thank you so much for the honesty and clarity. It is wonderful to know that you are starting on this beautiful new journey in life. This is really exciting. Am all joyous and happy for you :D


Thank you for writing this piece Karen. It has really really helped me today. I know I have mis-alignment in the areas of men and money and your article showed me that these things can be identified and resolved. I can get on with my day feeling like there is hope now - in all areas of my life!

Nonamae Satya

What perfect timing. It's not a surprise, but more like a pleasant gift while I'm working with very similar themes in my life.

The inner child work is something I also used to think was a lot of fluff. Now that I'm working with a Somatic Therapist I can see the value of it.

Of course the simplest things are often the most powerful.

You are a constant inspiration for me. Every call I'm on, every piece you write, is SO in line with my beliefs and views about the interconnectedness of all parts of our being.

I could go on... suffice it to say I have a warm place in my heart for you.

Thank you. <3


your transparancy is wonderful healing for all. thank you for beautiful expressions.

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