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November 08, 2008


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Hi Karen,
I found it so funny to read this entry that i had to coment on it. I've been feeling exactly like that! Need to change the clothes since i've been changing a lot... but where to go? where would i find what i am looking for? This is also such a fun part of this adventure :)
I am glad you are talking about it.
Best wishes,see you in december!

María José


Though I´m not 100% raw foodist, I am gradually experiencing a change in lifestyle and attitude and I find myself no longer feeling atracted to wearing lots of synthetics; as everything is interrelated, nature in food, in clothes... I would like to share these three links with you:






November 17 will be 6 months of largely raw for me. My favourite colours have always been on the blue/green end of the spectrum, but increasingly I find myself drawn to reds and oranges - brighter colours - and also white (lighter) - and earthy tones like shades of brown. The new clothes I have bought after my former ones got too baggy were therefore not the colours I would usually go for. Within the past month I find myself magnetically and intensely drawn to all shades of the colour pink, which is odd because I've always disliked pink! Now it jumps out at me wherever I look (even this web page) - so much so that it seems like it's everywhere. I feel like I need to get some pink clothing and paint my room in a deepish pink shade ... although I wonder if I can live with that, in the event that this is just 'a pink phase'. Although I don't think it is a phase. It's an addition to my palette of appreciation. I think of famous pink phrases, like 'in the pink of health' ... which fits with eating raw. Also pink being symbolic of love (self, other and Divine).


First I want to say my daughter and I adore you. We attended your talk in Sedona and your interview with Kevin G. was so pure of heart.
What I have experienced with clothes is that I choose to wear what feels most authentic...less about "fashion" and more about what makes me feel true to myself... no concerns to what "image" I am projecting. A friend once told me that my closet was different shades of dirt and now you will find splashes of orange, red and greens.
Blessings and Gratitude,
Pamala :o)


I find it always very interesting that the thing I am thinking about is what you write about on Fridays. That is why I list you as my favorite guru. I think we are in sync or something...

Anyway, since I have been doing raw foods for a little over a year, I have released 75 pounds of toxic waste and have more to go. The 'down side' is that of course, my old clothes do not fit. In fact, I change sizes every month or so. Previously when I was so much fatter, I absolutely hated buying clothing and only bought by sight, never trying anything on. Only the basic necessities. I bought what was my size, never thinking about liking what I bought.

Now that I am 'forced' to buy clothes, I can't believe how much I am enjoying it and how much I am really picky about what I wear as well. There is definately an energy in our clothing that matches what we are feeling for any given day.

As for buying clothes, I have learned to shop at thrift stores. I depend on the universe to help me find the outfits that will be good for me, and I love using this approach. It has worked perfectly for me. There are always things there that are my size that resonate with me. It is a wonderful side blessing to the great energy and personal wealth I have received by doing living foods.

Thanks for letting me know I wasn't totally wacko! I love knowing others are having similar experiences.


Karen, I so relate to this post. I've been mostly raw for over a year now - shed 35lb and of course many of my clothes no longer fit. I'm right into decluttering as a way of making space for more of what I want so I've been regularly decluttering my wardrobe. Plus I moved into my dream home on the water and decluttered more clothes.

I've always had a dream of having just a few pieces of clothing that I really love - that can be mix and matched - but the way I bought clothes made that really hard - whenever I saw something I liked I got it - with no big picture in mind. And I thought I was a winter - which is a very cool season.

Well, it turns out I'm a warm autumn - and with the help of a color consultant I had a makeover - and went shopping.

When I returned home, I took everything out of my wardrobe - clothes, shoes, bags, belts, coats, jewellery etc and took it all to a charity shop - and I mean everything - apart from 3 pieces of clothing. I was surprised the over riding feeling I had doing that was one of relief - I no longer have to try to fit everything together.

And I started wondering what charity shops must think when they get an entire wardrobe donated - what came to me was that they probably think someone has died. And the reality is that someone did die - my old self - and it took some grieving for me to integrate all the changes.

I'm wearing browns for the first time ever and this does feel much more like me - or the me I am now. I feel that my essence is shining though - and this is being reflected in the comments I get everywhere I go - I feel things are in alignment for the first time ever.

And my wardrobe is only one quarter full - it feels great. When I look at everything all lined up I can see that I could wear any combo - they all fit together. This will make packing to travel so much easier - that's always been the only part of travelling I don't like.

In Feng Shui closets represent secrets - I now feel I've come out of the closet. Raw food has been part of so many changes in my life - and now this one - and I'm stepping out of my little introverted box and dropping my assumptions about what being an introvert means. I notice I'm being way more sociable - I just led my very first in person retreat on my houseboat - something I've been determined I'd never do - too introverted! I loved it. I'm sold!

Clothes are our closest environment - underwear too - they mirror who we are and they determine who we are - just as the energy in your other environments does - the world of raw certainly shows us all the places we are out of alignment.

Very exciting!

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