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October 24, 2008


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Awww the wee man!!! How cuuuuute!!! You look so gorgeous on your birthday night out.

My husband and I are VBing this weekend - we are with you!

K xxx

Marta - Rawvolta

I am so glad that this blog is BASED on raw food lifestyle and not only ABOUT.
We, raw foodist ( or however we're called ) come to this point when one is so saturated with raw food topic that it is a bit "flat".
Not boring, but after some time it's good to talk about WHAT was influenced by raw foodism or actually peak performance nutrition.
I love the idea of a vision board.
I have mine and will gladly share with you as soon as I get home.
I have my notebook with me all the time and you could see my yelling pink color of a pen saying : "IDEA!" all over the book, where I put the "Aha Feelings" . Ideas..gosh, I love them.
Also - what I am going to write about today on my website rawfoodtip.com , ART became even more important for me then before raw food journey.
And what is really noticeable - abstract art...
By connecting more to the earth , I started having these excitement about splashes of color or texture, which was a bit hermetic before.
So- Vision Boards, Goal Setting, Art - it is all a part of a raw food journey.
I love what you do, Karen and keep it up, Girl!
Wish You All The Best!
Marta - Rawvolta.


Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you Karen!
... you and Katie and Jo look sensational. Love your dress, and it so evident that all of your hard work training/running/working out has literally redesigned your body! Your "inner Rita" is shining, gal! <--- That's an inside comment from when I took Karen's "Raw Passion" on-line coaching seminar a few months back: See this video clip for exactly what I mean by unleashing one's inner Rita: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tzg_1XwzG08

Well, I turned my sister on to your newsletter a few months back and then on to your live interview w/ Kevin Gianni for RAWKATHON, and she fell in love with the things you shared. Most especially how it is "NOT really about the food." I missed the second half of your interview so now I'll have to invest (when I can) in the series ... but the first half was terrific.

I'm still settling into my new digs and so thrilled that I have MY OWN KITCHEN! I just printed out your special workbook on kitchen design, etc. and am working out just how I want it to look ... right down to the knobs on the cabinets. I cannot tell you what a thrill it is to have my own place ... and no longer needing to schlep up and down a long flight of stairs just to use a sink to wash out my blender! :-)

Well, Karen ... I've rambled on here, but what's new?! Just popped in to say how much I enjoyed your terrific interview ... it was "streamin' live from on High" indeed; or as you might say, you were "downloading" bigtime!

xx Naomi in NY

Kristen's Raw

How fun!!!

jasmine scalesciani


just wanted to tell you how i absolutely LOVE what you are creating here... it feels so authentically empowering and totally YOU : )


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