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August 22, 2008


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Hi Karen, I hope that you are well. This was a really good, timely article for me, so thank you. It's come at the right time because recently I have been feeling subdued and not my sparky self. This is largely down to incorporating more non-raw food into my diet than ususal (owing to holidays, weddings and the like), yet I now think that this has been a time of retreat for me. I have been wanting to get more creative, whilst being comfortable and questioning many things.
I hope this is due to eating consistently more raw food on the whole and not just being depressed!!!! Or this could be owing to having intenstified knowledge on how much I need raw food and staying on board with it, without a spiralizer, dehydrator, nut bag etc. yet! If you have any tips I will be very grateful!
Thanks, Alex.

Fay Hartwell

Thanks so much Karen for your words of wisdom. What you talk about resonates with me. I've spent the last week managing cravings and fluctuating between nurturing myself and being frustrated. I found it hard to understand why after doing so well I was being challenged. Only yesterday did the sunshine break through, the cravings dissolved and I emerged, brighter, stronger, and full of loving power! I'm reminded again and again, that it's the process and we're always growing, there'll never be a time when we stop so finding relief in that process is my goal.

Thanks again, Fayxx

Sally Thomas

Dear Karen,
Your article absolutely brings a tear to my eye. I had needed the past two weeks to fully absorb your last e-mail of Issue #106. The information in this current Issue #107 is even more profound for me! How fortunate we are to have you relay so poetically yet so concisely such deep knowledge and understanding.
With highest regards and thanks,

Dr. Rima Morrell

Great article Karen. Release and retreat are keys to greater unfolding in the experience of so many. I write about that in the context of change in my book 'Travelling Magically: How to turn your journey into a life-changing experience' out with Piatkus this Thursday. Also have a section on how important raw food is to raise your vibration - and the importance of doing that.

Here's to letting go of the dense!



I loved your article. Something that helps me a lot is the release technique (www.releasetechnique.com). I'm lucky that I knew this technique before going raw. It has helped me with emotional/spiritual/physical balancing and it's easy!

Karen Knowler

Thanks everyone for your comments and kind words and congratulations Rima on your new book! Piatkus are one of my favourite publishers, not least because they published Living Magically, the inspiration for this blog : )

Barbara Weith

Hello Karen,
Very much appreciated your thought-provoking article. In reflecting on my own behavior, it seems I tend to approach it backwards, i.e., first I like to retreat and then I release old habits and ways of being/doing. (I always seem to be the odd ball). But truly, I find that retreat for me is like re-booting my computer, clearing the static; erasing the screen so to speak. I love my retreats! I take long walks, soak in the tub, read tons of books and then when I emerge, I like to catalyze what I've learned by changing my routine(s). I'm much more receptive to change when I also change my daily routines. So, for example, I might take a walk first thing in the morning and then start a new juicing routine instead of taking care of office work/house work. Anyway, the words that come to mind after my little retreats are: catalyze, empower, elevate, propel, launch, expand, unfold and ignite. It seems to work for me. Best regards,

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