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May 26, 2006



We are unable to do dates here , are they just for the sweetness? Could I swap for agave?


Hi, this recipe looks really good, but I have the same question as a few of the other commenters. I am using raw cashews - do I indeed use 4 cups? That seems like a lot more than 4 tbsp + water.


Hello, and thank you so much for sharing your recipe, Karen. I brought back a new ice-cream maker from the States (we live in Japan) and my partner requested rum raisin. We didn't have any rum, so I soaked 50g of raisins in 1T of Amaretto and threw them in at the end, along with some chocolate nibs.
We don't drink alcohol, but still use a little bit in foods on this against raw diet?


I have just made a batch of this raw chocolate ice is so tasty and i can't stop eating it!

I made some alterations to the recipe:

16 select dates
5 table spoons of raw chocolate powder
5 table spoons cashew butter
2 table spoons agave syrup
2 tea spoons vanilla extract
600ml water
1 table spoon cocount oil
1 table spoon coconut butter (this was a mistake! i wouldn't advise this)

i also added a handful of cacao nibs 5 mins before it finished in the ice cream maker.

for reference, i put it in the ice cream maker for 40 did thicken..but a night in the freezer left it pretty much perfect.

thanks for a great recipe!!!


I'm just about to try the recipe, but...4 cups of cashews OR 4 tablespoons of cashew butter? If it really tastes the same, why would anyone spend an additional $10 just for fun? Surely the yield changes, no? Does the flavor or consistency change? Is it just a typo?

Annie Patterson

what about almond butter and a pinch of salt for the icecream to replace cashew butter? Thanks* Annie

KC in DC

I would love to make a version of this without the cashew butter. My son is very allergic. Any suggestions without the nut butter?

Thank You!


How do you make mint ice-cream? Do you use mint essense or oil?


I am having a chocolate craving but dont want to ruin my "rawness". This sounded worthy of the little effort needed to make it. I have no cashew butter, so used raw peanut butter instead (yum). Also my taste desired it a bit sweeter so I added a tablespoon of agave syrup (minus that of water) and a dash of vanilla and cinnamon. The unfrozen mix tasted great. Thanks for the recipe!


So easy to make! It tastes more like chocolate frozen yogurt, but it's very good. I serve this in little egg cups (the kind you serve soft-boiled eggs in) which resemble an ice cream cone. You can lick it until it gets too far down to eat with good manners, then use a teeny little spoon to eat the rest. We also added raw cocoa nibs to the last 5 min. in the ice cream added a little crunch once in while without any bitterness. For a richer chocolate, add an extra tablespoon of cocoa powder and a couple extra dates.

Sara in Michigan

this is the first raw ice cream I have made, it was delicious. I halfed the recipe added a tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of cacao butter. Also I don't know about anyone else but to get the dates really going needed to add more water. So creamy i can't wait to share it with vegan friends who use soy products.


I don't see any comments on how the chocolate recipe turned out???

Chris S

Nice Im going to have to try this but not in a chocolate mood so Im thinking mint, whos with me?


I want to thank you for your site and all that comes with it, it really helped me make the transformation to raw a month ago. I'm making your Ice cream today, its in the freezer and will be ready tonight. I cant wait to taste it, I know it will be great. thanks again.

from elyria, ohio, US


i tried this one...its my second day raw and i m getting severe chocolate withdrawl symptoms...i m completely chocolholic. not much the same as my fav ben and jerrys belgian fudge but kept me going,thankx.


wow, nice site! Thank you so much for posting your chocolate creation; I can't wait to try it.

I do have a concern, though: how do you go from 4 CUPS to 4 Tablespoons?? That seems like quite a difference; and I know it doesn't take 4 cups of cashews to make 4 Tablespoons butter ???



yummy, can't wait to try!!

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