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March 12, 2006



Just about to tuck into my first raw pizza (made by my own fair hand - following your recipe) The ingredients tasted great by themselves and am sure that it'll taste amazing in total. The 'cheese' was a bit sweet - I used cashews and pine nuts as didn't have macadamia nuts - but I reckon that it'll work. Will report back.

karen walker

Where do i get sprouted wheat from regards karen


Hi There,
Finding the concept of this recipe for a raw pizza odd? If its dehydrated, its heat treated therefore cooked? Please explain how you feel you can call it raw?


I've done this a few times in the past. Although I am not a pizza fan, this is RAWsome and all else but a pizza ;-)


Karen. Just made your pizza recipe and ran into difficulties with the consistency of the 'dough'.

It seemed a bit wet. Just how 'dry' should it be. I used two medium tomatoes, but perhaps I didn't drain the buckwheat enough before using it. Please advise.

Thanks and thanks for what I know is going to be delicious... when I get it right.



Karen this is the first time I am leaving you a comment. I heard you on the rawkathon last night and I was blown away by your wisdom. Everything you had to say touched me deeply like we were soul sisters. You inspired me so much, I am not a raw food eater as yet, but I am starting tomorrow, you blessed me so much with your gentleness while speaking. God bless you, I wish you didn't live so far away :) But lots of luck with your coaching.


Heather - if your husband isn't allergic to raw cashews, they are a good substitute for macadamias (similarly creamy and rich), I think.


Hi Karen,

Discovered you just yesterday and am thrilled as I went raw just last week. Thank you so much for a fabulous resource!

My question: my husband is deathly allergic to macadamia and brazil nuts--to the point that we can't even have them in the house. I'd love to try your famous pizza as well as some other recipes I've seen that include or feature these nuts. What would be a suitable replacement for these nuts?


Love your website, Karen, so much great information!


Hi, I was wondering why you recommend the easygreen sprouter over the freshlife. I don't know which one to buy. Thanks,

Karen Knowler | The Raw Food Coach

Hi Donna

It's 3 American measuring cups.

Good web tool for everyone:

Best wishes

Donna Stanger

I cannot find the conversion of 400g to US measurements. What is the conversion?
Thank you

Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach

Hi Daphne

Great questions.

Re the sprouts, NO, don't green them up! Never green them up unless you are growing wheatgrass : ) When it comes to wheat and other grains, the length of the shoot (sprout) should be 2-5 mm. If you eat one it will be chewy and taste sweet. As soon as they go beyond this stage they start tasting bitter and unpalatable.

In fact, I have some wheat sprouting right now and I soaked it on Thursday, drained and rinsed on Friday (morning and evening), and by yesterday evening you could see the shoots poking out. Even then it would have been OK to process, but today it will be even better because the shoots are that bit longer and the sprout will be that bit sweeter. Hope this helps!

Ref your other question about 'cups'. The cups I refer to are the American measuring cups. Whenever I want to convert weights, volumes etc, I go to: In this case the 1/3 cup olive oil appears to equal 5.5 UK Tablespoons.

By the way, measuring cups are available to buy in all good kitchen shops and even supermarkets. I have metal ones, plastic ones and the very cool Metric Wonder Cup which The Fresh Network sells.

Good luck Daphne! Hope you will share how you got on with the recipe!


Daphne Williams

Hi Karen,

I'm about to try your delicious sounding pizza. I've sprouted the wheat berries but am not sure at which stage to use them - should I green them up first? Also can you define what one square cup of olive oil represents? All I could think of was a whole cup!!

With baited breath


Just found your new website. It's lovely and it's also now on my list of favourites. Keep up the good work.
Love and Light

Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach

Thanks ladies! Although it looks like a complete site redesign in actual fact it's just the addition of a graphic banner and a change in background colour ; ) Needless to say, this is a taste of things to come on my web site... now getting very near to completion! Very exciting!

Very appreciative of your feedback : ) x


I've just logged on to your site and I'm speechless! It doesn't happen often believe me! Your new site is amazing and has captured your essence beautifully.

Nice work Karen!


Beautiful new site design Karen! Thanks also for sharing your pizza recipe!

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