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August 20, 2008


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Sarah Newton

Fugly! I love it and spend a lot of time in Fugly....and no it has a word I may spend more time there....I know you are a Gill Edwards Fan and when I am in Fugly I get Gill to make me a flower essense which normally helps....

I use to call Fugly "contrast" as out of contrast always came a bigger and better Sarah...some taking much longet to emerge :-)

Here's to Green Smoothies, Juice (my new fave thing) and Fugly may we all love her and sail in her.

You are awesome


Elizabeth A.


I love your insights here. Navigating life's transitions can be so hard - I am working more in my yoga practice to focus on the transitions between poses than the poses themselves - hoping the grace on the mat will transfer into the real world.

Herminia Ibarra in her book Working Identity talks about this phenomenon of "becoming an ex" - leaving one life behind, embracing another. She uses the metaphor of the crucible to describe life's transitions; I prefer the more gentle image of the cocoon. But whatever metaphor you choose, Ibarra's advice - that we short circuit these phases at our peril - is good. Whatever is happening in these "fugs" needs to happen. If you try to prod the caterpillar out of it's cocoon before its time, what emerges will be lifeless.

There's nothing "bad" or "good" about the caterpillar, or the butterfly, or the in-between. Each phase is what it is.


Thanks for posting this. I understand what you're saying, because I'm in the same position (or was, I'm transitioning to the new boat/land as we speak), and actually it felt like falling apart and not knowing who I was anymore... Or like that caterpillar you wrote about in your ezine, which goes all mushy before turning into a butterfly... And becoming mushy dóes feel fugly...! However, I feel the butterfly part happening and feel much more happy now. I know the 'dark ages' are always necessary, though not necessarily nice... Again, thanks for sharing!

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