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August 30, 2008


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Karen, thanks for sharing this idea, and pages from your own book.

I love the sound of a vision book (I'm a detail girl, so to be able to add a little more to each 'area' of life sounds appealing), but would it be as effective as a vision board? In that a vision board is something that's in your sight all the time, working away in your subconscious every time you pass by?

I feel that a book would mean your visions are somewhat hidden away and wouldn't be 'outwardly' manifesting. Have you found that it's worked before anyway? I must say, I've been putting off working on a vision board because I know I'd want to take it down/hide it away whenever guests come over. So maybe a vision book (if they're as effective as a board) would help solve that problem!

Do you definitely prefer the book over the board, in terms of manifestation effectiveness?

Karen Knowler

Hi Joanne - good question!

I think the key thing to remember here is that all of this manifesting "stuff" is about intention. Just choosing the images with desire/love/passion etc., pasting them down and having them mean something to you is a large part of the equation. I actually keep my book on my desk and leaf through it each day so it has the same effect as a V Board, pretty much.

I have also scanned the main page and put that as my screen saver, so that's also useful. I may well scan each page and then create a montage and save THAT as my screen saver.

Finally, what I forgot to mention is at the back of my book I started writing my plans to make each thing come true - like action steps. I turned the book upside down first and then started writing as if it were a new book, so it's like having two books in one. Very efficient!

The other thing I am going to do starting tomorrow is create a *new* book with one spread per MONTH. On the left I will put words and pictures for my business goals and main focus for the month and on the right my personal stuff. This is more of a goal setting/ celebratory activity than manifesting (to keep me focussed on what must be done and also to serve as a keepsake for the year), but there will be a little manifesting in there and I'm sure it will be just as useful and fun.

As I'm a visual person (as most of us are), I know this will be realy useful to me as a "getting things done" tool, so I'm looking forward to seeing how I go with that.

I may share more about this later in another post.

Hope this helps!


Karen, you are so hot! I love you and your sexy UK accent!

Melissa Wadsworth

Karen, Your vision book concept is wonderful. As someone who has been doing intuitive vision collage work for about 12 years, and now teach my unique process, I'm seeing more and more people attracted to the idea of using powerful personal visuals to lead them toward their goals and desires. Intuitively composed boards (as opposed to consciously-directed boards) empower the realization of fantastic insights and result in surprising AHA! moments that confirm how amazing life is and can be. This definitely feels like a wonderful movement afoot and I'm sure that your personal path, perspective and expression will add much to the teaching of how powerful visuals are to living a life that feels fulfilling and full of magnificent potential. Good luck with this exciting endeavor.
I'd be happy to send you my latest dream board if you'd like to see it.

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