• Karen Knowler is “The Raw Food Coach” and has been dubbed “The world’s premier raw food coach”. A published author, popular speaker, raw food coach, chef and teacher, as well as trainer to the trainers, Karen has inspired millions of people around the world to experience the power of raw and living foods through her web site, books and TV appearances and has trained hundreds of raw food coaches, teachers and professionals worldwide.

    Karen is known for her “easy, simple and fun” approach to both food and business, as much as her deep insight, compassion and wisdom. Karen is former Managing Director of The Fresh Network, the UK's Raw and Living Foods organisation, founder and former editor of Get Fresh! magazine, founder and sole organiser of the Fresh Festival and author of a multitude of life-changing books, eBooks and articles, including “Raw Food Made Simple” and her latest book “Eat Right for Your Personality Type” published by Hay House in March 2012. Karen has been involved in the field of raw food since 1993 and is based in Hertfordshire, England.

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July 22, 2011



this is wonderful and so true! it's so easy to hide or squelch emotions with other distractors. having the courage not to is strength indeed!


I am a vegetarian that sometimes goes completely raw and I do love it and do experience the clarity and energy. However, I need better info and support HOW to live that way. I started to get gum bleeding, and I actually caught a bacterial infection which affected me for a month the last time I did juice feas for 3 weeks and then raw for 2 months. So , I think you are rigth on with the energy..


Karen, Loved your beautifully written and personally well-timed article. This is just the encouragement and guidance that I need right now.

There is only one word in your article that I would change:

from: "Phew! Quite deep stuff, granted, but it reeks of truth"

to: "Phew! Quite deep stuff, granted, but it shines of truth"


Dear Karen, you are quiet a philosopher! Just to take what I consider the essence of your article, "your mind's eye, your emotional field or your physical experience"... really are three different levels, if not three different worlds. How they interoperate, well, is the issue of spirituality, yours Hans


Sorry, where is the LOVE button? (ooops...think I have been on Facebook too much)....This is so very, very beautiful and true. Like all truth, it often sounds foolish until it is tasted, and once tasted, you are never the same again...because once you know something to be true, it is truly hard to choose another way and be truly joyful.Body and spirit are THE WHOLE, and when we truly care for our body, it is ABSOLUTELY true,we discover hidden treasures of knowledge and wisdom, insights, clarity and an inner jiggliness that is hard to describe in any other way!


I think you're absolutely on to something here. There's a distinct difference from when I eat a standard diet, to when I'm high raw--not just in physical energy, but in thought processes as well. Even greater is the increased energy and clarity I get when I'm all raw. It's hard to explain to people who haven't experienced it, but there's a distinct clarity and stronger ability to focus.

I found the same with juice feasting. I'm not about to become a liquitarian, but juice feasting will remain a part of my life because the boost it gives me lasts beyond the feast.

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