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September 24, 2009



I have NEVER heard the term "salad pot" in all of my 43 years.

When you say "salad pot," is that referring to a specific recipe with "pot" as part of the name?

Or is the container called a "salad pot"?

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I did not know about this I love your video thanks for sharing your idea.


Hi Karen, thanks for your tips. I'm flying to Hawaii from CA next month (much waited vacation :-D) so this was really good tip. LOVE LOVE LOVE your raw food videos.

Jakki Francis

Hi Karen
Thanks for the recipe ideas, I was inspired to make a salad and the dressing.
One problem - garlic breath - I had lots of complaints about it too! Can you offer any solutions?

Loved all the tips. Also loved the salad container. I did a little research and found one online at, they call it a Aladdin®Chill & Go, Salad Container. This company was based in the USA.

In health,

Eating Raw Foods Info


I'll take your meal any day compared to airplane food:-)

I don't travel much myself, and hadn't really thought about this. But these are great ideas that you can take easily on a plan (or in a car) on trips.

I love the salad pot - never saw one of those before but what a great product.

Thanks for the tips!

Beatrice Johnston

Hi Karen, That's great. I also have taken lemons and oranges (I use the lemons for salad dressing or lemonade, and oranges for Orange juice) as well as an empty water bottle. Fill up the water bottle on the other side, squeeze in some lemon, add stevia and you've got lemonade. I also carry with me a hand citrus juicer so that I can make fresh juice at the hotel since they always have lots of fruit for the continental breakfast.


I thought we couldn't take any food that wasn't purchased after going through security? That's my experience anyway.


Thanks so much for this Karen. I travel frequently for my work (I am a flight attendant) and I just wrote about something similar on my blog. Good to share tips! :)

Amy Webster

Great tips, Karen and useful too. I did some of this but to think of bringing all these items is a great idea and sure recipe for success on board. I'd love to know where exactly you bought that salad pot with screw on lid for the dressing. Maybe I can order one on-line?
Last time I flew home from the US I had a very large green juice and kale salad right before taking off, then slept on the plane with nothing else consumed but H2O. And some "no jetlag" to boot. So no jet lag as a result!
Enjoy LA, I am busy teaching more and more! Love, Amy

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