• Karen Knowler is “The Raw Food Coach” and has been dubbed “The world’s premier raw food coach”. A published author, popular speaker, raw food coach, chef and teacher, as well as trainer to the trainers, Karen has inspired millions of people around the world to experience the power of raw and living foods through her web site, books and TV appearances and has trained hundreds of raw food coaches, teachers and professionals worldwide.

    Karen is known for her “easy, simple and fun” approach to both food and business, as much as her deep insight, compassion and wisdom. Karen is former Managing Director of The Fresh Network, the UK's Raw and Living Foods organisation, founder and former editor of Get Fresh! magazine, founder and sole organiser of the Fresh Festival and author of a multitude of life-changing books, eBooks and articles, including “Raw Food Made Simple” and her latest book “Eat Right for Your Personality Type” published by Hay House in March 2012. Karen has been involved in the field of raw food since 1993 and is based in Hertfordshire, England.

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February 04, 2009



Haha, thanks for mentioning me! It was a fun night!
Hope to see you again soon, love xx ChriSSy*


L.A. is a great place to be raw, there are so many good places all over there. To bad Cafe Gratitude hasn't opened there yet, they are up in northern Cali, and I personally think they are the best in California.


Dearest Karen....

Thank you for sharing from your beautiful heart. Your energy and spirit make my soul sing. I love to see you following your bliss and radiating the light....being all you were created to me.

Love to you, always...

Karen Knowler

Sunshine - snap indeed! Isn't that funny... deep down we knew... and always have : ) The rest just unfolds once you "say the word" !!

Thanks for writing/ sharing.

Much love K xox



It's funny. You sound like me. As a child, I wanted to be Samuel from the Bible. I even told God I wanted him to use me as he saw fit. I had NO idea what I was asking for, but it brought me to where I am today. :)

I'm SO happy to see you stepping out and being HUGELY You! :D Faith & love girl! :D

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