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    Karen is known for her “easy, simple and fun” approach to both food and business, as much as her deep insight, compassion and wisdom. Karen is former Managing Director of The Fresh Network, the UK's Raw and Living Foods organisation, founder and former editor of Get Fresh! magazine, founder and sole organiser of the Fresh Festival and author of a multitude of life-changing books, eBooks and articles, including “Raw Food Made Simple” and her latest book “Eat Right for Your Personality Type” published by Hay House in March 2012. Karen has been involved in the field of raw food since 1993 and is based in Hertfordshire, England.

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February 13, 2008



Well what can I say? It has been an amazing journey that began before Christmas; dropping the bombshell on my family that this Christmas was to be raw for me through to leaving my part time job and doing what I really love. Having the support of fellow sparklers has kept me going through the ups and downs that is eating 100% raw!! In fact 100% raw was a reality for me maybe one day per week before this course!! I would wholeheartedly recommend Karen's group coaching programs for the support, understanding, down to earth approach and tools to create the life you deserve.


I'm not sure what I can add to what Martha has already so perfectly described, but I'll try. I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful group of courageous and loving women, or about Karen, our fearless, shining guide. It's been hard work, to be sure, but so very worth it, and nothing I've ever done quite compares to being here. Karen's best gift to everyone is the example she sets with the life she lives herself. But she has also provided us with a detailed roadmap, excellent, well-defined tools, and lots of loving but no-nonsense support, and we have used these things to begin to travel an incredible, magical journey to our best selves. The quantum leaps made by everyone in such a short time have been stunning and inspiring, and it's the coolest thing to be among people from all around the world who have a similar vision for the kind of lives we want to live. To be among people from all corners of the earth who speak the same language is exciting, refreshing and fun, and it allows us a rare opportunity to know ourselves through the eyes of others who are on the same path. I am not the same person I was back in December, and I think all of us have grown beyond what we imagined possible. A huge, heartfelt thank you to all of my Sparkling Sisters, and a bottomless depth of gratitude to Karen for shining her light on all of us!


We started out as Wholy Radiant Self-ers at the end of December last year, hoping to help ourselves achieve the 'best Christmas ever'. Little did we know that we would make dear friendships that span distance and timezones and form a support group like no other experienced by many of us before. Brought together by a common love of raw food and desire to love all of creation (including ourselves!) as deeply as we possibly can, we have shared so much growth together already in the short 5-6 weeks since we were introduced -and it keeps on going:) Some of us have already met up in person. I feel priviledged to be a part of this group of Sparklers and am so grateful to Karen and raw foods for facilitating the magic that has already occurred, and continues to flow. What has stood out for me is the realisation of our connectedness, and the comfort of knowing that whatever comes up during our growth-be it pain or joy, we are never alone. Thankyou for this wonderful adventure called life:)

Martha Stewart

The Wholly Radiant Self'ers morphed into
the Sparklers at end of January and the journey
continues to be completely magical! We shine lights onto each others' paths - support on all
levels, including the mystical ones. Shifts happen
at the blink of an eye. Energy turns into power.
A step that might have taken six months happens
in a day. Of course the foundation is raw food!
We span the time zones and that in itself is
incredible. Thanks to Karen for being her
incredibly authentic raw self and for setting the
stage for us. My life has changed immeasurably
for the better and before starting this course
it was already pretty darn fine!

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