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January 11, 2008


May Johnstone

I felt the programme was extreme for all the reasons already mentioned. People at my meditation group said it had put them off the idea of eating more raw food.

Still, more hits on this site is a good outcome...

Karen, I hope, with your informed and measured approach, you'll soon have an opportunity to present a more balanced view on the reality of eating raw!


I was not going to comment as I am new to all this and just getting myself around to the idea of raw foods. I found programme made me want to abandon all thoughts of turning to raw food.

What put me off?

(1) The repetition of the word 'enzymes' in the food. How many of the Great British Public understand this word?

(2) The dipping into various unknown pots of stuff & simply naming it without explaining where it comes from & why it is good.

(3) We will forget the urine & enema parts for now!

(4) There was little mention of what it actually does healthwise rather than 'I feel better on it' - eg cholesterol points down, weight lost, blood pressure etc (ie a bit of scientific evidence)along the lines of those 'diet doctor' programmes.

(5) What about those with no backup from family who would rather pour scorn on the 'extreme fads' as they would see it? It would have been inspirational to see how that had been overcome.

(6) I feel sorry for the two kidswhen. When they go out into the big wide world.

In all, not enough balance. What audience was it aimed at?


I watched it again, the first time I thought Suki came off a bit extreme but this time I realised it was the interviewers making her seem that way.


Ruth, if you want to watch it again you can download 4OD for free from the channel 4 website. I've also had fun with that watching old You Are What You Eat episodes...


Is there anyway someone can view this in the U.S.? I'm new to the world of faw foods and am anxious to learn more.

Karen, love your site. Thanks to you I've switched to snacking on almonds and drinking almond milk.
Look forward to learning more from you.


Hi all,

Re: Health Food Junkies

just to let you know that despite the obvious attempts to differentiate the programme through the "Drinking Pee" and "Instruments to Irrigate the Body" shots, the programme made me, a "mainstream" cooked-food eater, google "raw food diet", and arrive at this site. I've downloaded karen's e-book on getting started and I'm happy to read that there's an approach requiring less dedication than Suki(in the beginning at least)!

I also thought the "scare" tactics on the toxicity of London water, whilst it may have some truth in a parts per million sense, and references to cow puss, detracted from the more central arguments in the programme.

The issue for me before watching the programme was that I have lost all trust in the custodians of our food chain (farmer's, food companies,supermarkets and the government). In addition, the mainstream advice on what's healthy and what's not is conflicting and fragmented, and therefore not credible. A raw food diet makes sense to me in the context that food is nearer to it's natural state therefore less things can have happened to it. The programme brought home the benefits over and above that... So here I am.

I know the above is singing to the choir, but I wanted to let you know that the programme reached and inspired me to find out more and act....

Mine's a pint of wheatgrass!



David Cohen

Karen - I saw that smile as the camera panned across you! I tend to agree with your initial comments. Kate's children were portrayed as being somewhat lonely I felt. Also, I think what's coming out for me, and in conjunction with recent mainstream reporting, is that the term "extreme" is catching on (pity), I suppose a bit like veganism was seen some years ago (a more extreme version of vegetarian). It was certainly interesting, but I don't know if it would get new people on board or not. Pity you weren't involved.



Hi Karen. I watched it was groaning internally the whole time and praying none of my school friends were watching it in case they thought I condemned all cooked food as poison, try to recruit people in church halls, drink urine, stick coffee up my bum etc. I thought Kate Wood came across great but the others seemed like they were trying to enforce raw foods on everyone. I thought the couple's dinner guests were a bit rude though!
I saw you in the audience of that talk and I wish you had been in the documentary! Since you always seem down-to-earth and realistic about eating raw.
I also wish they'd have shown more of the raw dishes people can make, raw desserts, raw chocolate, etc. as people generally think all we eat is salad.
I loved Kate's comeback to the comment about meat eaters not dying out! So true!


Hi Karen,
Must admit I was surprised by your reaction. Jamie (my wife) and I sat there cringing much of the time. I felt the docu portrayed raw foodists as extreme eccentrics, much as I feared they would. Just goes to show we all see things differently. The reaction I've heard thus far from non-raw foodists hasn't been complementary. The narration seemed slanted and there were some terrible generalisations like 'all raw foodists believe those who eat cooked food are poisoning themselves'. Look forward to hearing what others have to say, but I can't help that think this has done more harm than good for the raw food revolution. By the way, much preferred your appearance on UKTV.


From Karen: Hi Claude! Thanks for your feedback, I have also heard mixed feedback, but I really do think it is interesting about perspective (as you say). We all see what we want to see? Not sure, but I went in expecting it to be a lot more derogatory than it was so I guess I was pleasantly surprised! At least there was no raw meat eating etc. But yes, in a way I wished I had been interviewed for it in the end after all. It was odd as we had two meetings that had to be cancelled and she was even going to film my RFFB class but the timings just didn't work out. I still think overall this has raised awareness and I know my web site got a lot more hits yesterday than usual, so people are hunting down information. For those who are ready, they will see through the "silly stuff"... that's the hope anyway : )


I saw it! I agree re the guys narrative, but other than that I felt they covered the programme fairly! well. I was really excited to watch and wish I had taped it now. Anyone who taped it?
And yep, saw you in the audience!
x ruth.

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