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    Karen is known for her “easy, simple and fun” approach to both food and business, as much as her deep insight, compassion and wisdom. Karen is former Managing Director of The Fresh Network, the UK's Raw and Living Foods organisation, founder and former editor of Get Fresh! magazine, founder and sole organiser of the Fresh Festival and author of a multitude of life-changing books, eBooks and articles, including “Raw Food Made Simple” and her latest book “Eat Right for Your Personality Type” published by Hay House in March 2012. Karen has been involved in the field of raw food since 1993 and is based in Hertfordshire, England.

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January 26, 2008


Jason loves Superfoods

Been raw for about one year and it has been one of the best transformations of my life :) Love the community. Thanks Karen for sharing this on Bryan Adams, very cool!!

August Garner

Being someone who is a fan of raw foods and rock and roll, it is nice to see someone whom I have admired be so open about the lifestyle.

All without sounding 'preachy', like some performers are too quick to do.


Bryan has been a vegan now since the 80s, before it was 'popular' and has been talking about the raw food diet for a long time. I think he's a keeper for this healthy lifestyle!

I told my mom about this today. We were both encouraged to keep up with eating better.

Isle Dance

Thank you so much for sharing this. I love it!


It's nice to see somebody who is so high profile, expounding the benefits of raw food.

Jennifer Grammer

Interesting article. That is the thing about diet and "stars"..many go with the latest craze because it gives them attention or to gain immediate results rather than long term lifestyle. Still, due to their public focus, it is nice when the raw food diet is adopted to bring more global noise.

From Karen: Sure... but Bryan, as far as I'm aware IS a long termer - a great thing!

Lisa Lavoie

Raw Canadians Rock! :o)

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