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January 24, 2008



I think thes are great - I frst tried the mapl & pecan and it is DIVINE - even my kids who are sceptica about raw fod LOVE THIS. I then tried the vanilla (£1 a tub cheaper) and just added my own nuts & mape syrup on top! Brilliant with strawberries!!


Hi there!

I have a glorious update here concerning the ice cream of Booja Booja.
I have had a nice e-mail contact with Petrus Faller from "The Booja-Booja Company Central Europe Ltd" and he told me that now not only Keep Smiling Vanilla M'Gorilla is 100% raw, but also Coconut Hullabaloo and Feisty Winjin Ginger!
Both Pompompous Maple Pecan and Hunky Punky Chocolate are 95% raw - Maple Pecan has 5% maple syrup in it and Chocolate would be too bitter if made 100% raw, so he told me.
I am excited to try Vanilla and Coconut tomorrow!

Best wishes from Germany :)


Yahoo! Found some in Geneva, Switzerland, at "Urbanbio" health food stores!

Thank you for this thread.

Melissa N

Hi. Just found your site. Is there any way to freeze bananas and other fruit without exposing them to plastic? I love freezing fruit but usually put them in plastic baggies and tupperware.


Booja Booja ice-cream is awesome! Regarding the comment about it being addictive- I wont lie, it's amazingly delicious, but unlike dairy and soy ice-creams, it's not likely you'll be able to eat an entire tub in one sitting (and the tubs are quite small, at that!).


I certainly don't mean to be negative towards cocoa here and raw ice cream...but...don't these types of "raw" foods have the potential to be as addictive as say cooked foods or sugar for example? I know cocoa is a big deal in the UK and Europe in general right now, but isn't cocoa a stimulant of sorts, similar in ways to say caffeine? DO we tend to still eat comfort foods, but because they're raw, say to ourselves, "it's raw, so it must be healthy?" I mean, the ingredients in the ice cream are definately healthier alternatives, and there's no dairy involved, but it does seem like a lot of fat content. I'm not suggesting that people should deprive themselves completely from any form of "comfort" food, but desert has always appeared to be an emotional reward process to me....should we live to eat or eat to live? These are just simply some questions I ask myself when it comes to "raw" deserts and alternative. I'm certainly not perfect by any means...just things to consider.

From Karen: Sure, I am with you on this in many ways, however, knowing what I do about *real people* this is, as I see it, a perfect example of what I would call a "dramatic upgrade" food that would allow people the opportunity to sit in a better place at a physical level while they have many of their other needs met (taste, comfort, pleasure, semi-stifle/stimulation) until they have the emotional poise, clarity and courage to walk away and/or leave them behind. Saying that, even then, there are still going to be times when they are purely enjoyed just for being delicious (which I hold both hands up to). As I see it, what works is doing our best to keep everything in balance, not swinging from one extreme to the other (emotional eating anything and everything vs. complete physical purity and completely raw emotions). Happy and healthy... happy taste-buds, happy cells, happy heart, happy thoughts about what we're doing, happy in our day-to-day adventures and then healthy by default ~ not deprivation. (That's my thoughts anyway!) But to repeat, great and valid points and I'm very glad you shared them. Karen.


We make our own most delicous ice-cream and sooo simple. We freeze bananas, then put them in the vitamix with a little water, or better with a little mango or guava or whatever fruit is around. All our non-raw guests are enjoying it. Personally I am addicted to banana-chili ice-cream or banana-ginger ice-cream, but that is me.

Jennifer Grammer

Wow! I wasn't aware there was raw ice cream on the market..In the U.S. we don't yet have this in the Mid-west but hopefully I can locate it somewhere. The flavors look quite appealing.

From Karen: I don't think this is available outside the UK as it's a UK-based company... Worth emailing them through their web site though... you never know!

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