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December 05, 2007



From time to time you read a good post; this one is through the roof!


One word ' AWESOME


Lots of practical facts, I found this to be extraordinary.


I have just been diagnosed with "severe cervical cell abnormalities" and truely believe in the Raw Food answer yet am still want to eat the best foods to address this problem. I just want to know if you or someone has a Raw Diet to specifically help with this diagnsis...


This is important news for all cooked, partially cooked/partially raw food eaters. There are other mutagens in cooked food that are equally dangerous, heterocyclic amines in cooked meat for one. Frederic Patenaude makes some good points in regard to this subject in his article "Raw Food and Aging"


Hi Karen,

It is defenitely a good article and hopefully many will follow...

A friend of mine showed me some of your e-books and I must say I was really excited to read them. However, some days ago I surfed the net and landed on PurelyRaw. A UK based company. They have put together a dead food list and I have noticed that some of the recipes you make consist of these so called raw but actually dead food ingredients. For example, raw cacao, agave, macadamias, brazilian nuts. The link is Can I have your vision on this?

From Karen: Yes, you can : ) You can get raw versions of all of these but you just need to choose your source carefully! Good ones are and Many people choose to let some of these ingredients not be "perfect" in their diet; I am one of those people. You can also replace cacao with carob and agave with dates.

Almost 80% of Cervical Dysplasia found in 15-35 year olds is from a strain of HPV. It's sexually transmitted and has no symptoms other than causing abnormal cells. Your body can clear the cellular abnormalities just like you can kick the flu if you are healthy. If your body cannot the dysplasia will most likely develops into cancer. A gynecologist can do a test to determine if your cells are positive for an HPV strain (there are hundreds). Your raw food diet would have provided a HUGE boost to your immune system. And would help maintain your cervical health so that abnormal cells might never re-occur.

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