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July 03, 2007



Personally, I think that the whole 'Weight Watchers' mentality should be forgotten completely. Weight Watchers and other programs like them should be also be outlawed because they prevent people from genuinely regaining their health. People think that they're doing something 'healthy' by eating a salad that has two tablespoons of corn syrup and nastiness on top of it.

As for nuts, I love nuts! However, I only usually sprinkle a bit in a salad unless I'm making a special dish (once or twice a week) that calls for them like a nut cheese filling or something. I'm of the firm opinion that nuts and 'fatty' fruits and veg should be a normal part of your diet in moderation like anything else. I'm sure you could even overdo it on green veg (maybe).

BTW, the word 'diet' should also be banned when referring to those silly yo-yo fads. They should be called 'die-its'.


Hey Karen!

Great question and great answer (hmmm, I should probably answer more questions out loud on my blog too...).

I completely agree with you. It is also important to remember how long nuts are often stored when we buy them from larger shops and supermarkets. Some nuts, particularly peanuts and cashews, are stored for such a long period that they actually become quite yeast-forming in our bodies (hence the mucous I suppose).

I'm still personally a fan of soaked almonds every now and then, and nut milks - but yep, I definitely notice I feel a lot worse if I consume a lot of peanuts, cashews, brazils etc...

(yet I still succumb at Christmas!)

Anyway, hope all is good with you!

Have a great week

Dr. George Cromack

I have found that after going thru the transition period additional weight loss can be achieved and well as enhanced well being for many by decreasing or eliminating nuts. It is easier to eliminate nuts during the summer and early fall time. By supplementing the diet with E3Live, hemp seed, and young cocnut water and jelly it makes elimating nuts easier. After several days of not having nuts the set point is often readjusted and they are often not missed.

Gypsy Ardor

Hi Karen,

I haven't been keeping up with your info the past few months (went through emotional detox), but today I saw the title of your entry and just had to read it. Seconds before sitting at the computer, I said to my husband: "Look at my eyes, see how the eyelids are droopy and a bit puffy? This is what nuts do to me, now."

Anyway, I wanted to say thanks, as always, for the information. I'd like to add for those who have a lot of weight to lose, though, that I have lost over 70 pounds, so far (still going), on a raw food diet. In the beginning (like the first five months fully raw and the entire six months, or so, of transitioning), nuts were a *huge* part of my diet. I continually lost weight on high nuts/high fats in the beginning. The weight came off slowly (about one pound per week), but it allowed me to not feel hungry or like I was missing out on anything.

Now, however, I don't think I have much more weight to lose before I hit my ideal weight, so the nuts are starting to really make a difference in my diet. I see now that they are holding me back from feeling as great as I feel when I'm not consuming so many of them.

Again, nuts were great for me for the first stages of regaining my health--I think I would have felt hungry and gone through physical detox too fast without a large amount of nuts/fats in the beginning. I know everyone is different. I just wanted to let those know who need to lose a lot of weight that they shouldn't be afraid of nuts/fats in the beginning.

Lots of love to all of you--and vibrant life, too!

Gypsy Ardor

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