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June 30, 2007


Karen Knowler

Hey Dhrumil.

You know, it took me a few days to wonder the same thing - i.e. How come he got what looks like thousands of people into a stadium (something no-one else - as far as I know - in the raw world has managed to do) and no-one seems to have heard of him until recently?

And then it dawned on me... what he does for a living with the model making etc. Genius!!

I shall have to ask him all about it at the Raw Spirit Festival in October. Apparently he is going to be there.

The plot thickens! I wonder what his thinking was?

Thanks for the link : )



The story was put together well. It is quite clear this man has talent. What I feel didn't work so well was the fact that the whole concert thing was obviously a fake.

I think if he just left it out, it would be perfect.

p.s. Thanks for post Karen, I linked to it on 'we like it raw' today.

Joanne Constant

I have been trying to get my husband interested in the raw food diet since February of this year. This video got him curious in the positive way. Thank you.


I have to say this is certainly not the type of raw food promotion I'm fond of (too American, way over the top), but must admit that he does it with style and that the clip really made me laugh a couple of times. It seemed a bit of a parody, only that it's for real... And although I don't like his style, I think he's very honest: this is exactly the way he is and he is not ashamed or afraid to show it.
Which is kind of admirable... I think he might actually appeal to a certain part of the (American) population with his flashy rockstar attitude... And make raw food into something 'cool' or perhaps mainstream, which is a good thing.


I saw his website a year or so ago when I'd been raw a few years. I found it unclear and overly hype-y. I'll give it another look now since you seem so enthused, though. And ... has anyone seen him in person? No one I now in real life knows about him -- is he just a web presence? Photos don't necessarily show reality.


I just found him a couple of days ago too! He has some i n c r e d i b l y beautiful views on sex - the man should be giving workshops!


Interesting. I watched the video. I have to say, what he says is true. Most people don't need to see him, though. There are lots of resources online, in books at libraries...and although some may benefit by watching him put on a show for motivation.

I was a bit confused also as to what he was offering...whether the show, a website with resources...but it's great to have another raw enthusiast educating our "uneducated" population!



wow thanks for sharing this..awesome and so inspiring even though its a bit "more" than i usually like! but like this i did...alot



Justin was up late and he saw the video here on your blog, and he surprised me by posting about it on our site. Imagine my surprise when I wake up the next morning and Justin tells me there is a raw food video I have to see!

Thanks for posting this,
~ Heidi


Hi Karen! I will be interested to see where this leads too. Funny that I discovered him tonight about 2 hours before reading your post...


He's quite cheesy looking though lol

David Cohen

Awesome,and very persuasive. His web site has some good stuff,including how to correctly open young coconuts.

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