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June 22, 2006


Karen Knowler

Alan, yes, it's strong! You'd be better off blending it with something strong tasting like blackberries or passion fruit before adding to your cereal. Or you could try capsules so you don't have to taste it!


Hi Karen. Bought some Maca powder and added a couple of spoonfuls to my breakfast cereal. Ended up having to add yoghurt, banana and sugar before I could eat it. Is there anything that I can use to mask the taste? I was hoping to add a couple of spoonfuls to all our meals, but think that the wife will hate the taste. It really is very strong, or did I just put too much in my cereal?
Hopefully - Alan


Is Maca sold in the U.S


Hi Karen

Maca and endometriosis

I started having maca by accident as it was in a raw chocolate powder/maca smoothie blend I got and I definitely feel happier during that time of the month when I have one of these drinks (not sure if it is raw, or the drinks? or walking). I have often had pms and depressions during and before my time of the month.

I was thinking about women with endometriosis using it as I know someone with lots of trouble with this awful disease. One website I visited recomends it for endometriosis whereas lots of other sites say not to have it if you have endo or fybrocistic breast disease (fcbd) as it causes lumpy breasts. Some say that it adds to many ..

such as "The herb Maca is not recommended for women with endometriosis as it is rather potent in its action, and will affect levels of both estrogen as well as progesterone. The levels of estrogen need to be minimised in women with endometriosis as this is the hormone that feeds endometriosis. " from

Here's a site that practically recommends it for endo " "

I wonder if they are right though, if it is a food that adapts to your hormones, not replaces them, why should it cause a problem?
I would be really interested in your thoughts, knowledge on this. My friend has had operations and terrible pain from endo so I would love to be able to recommend something natural to her (not some of the awful drugs she has taken). Of course if it will be harmful I wouldn't want her to take it.

kind regards



Thanks for the help Karen. Maca sound great and I will be trying it, but how would you recommend using some of the other natural Viagra alternatives like Ginseng, Yohimbe, etc. in conjunction with Maca?


Hi Karen,

After reading your article, I really look forward to trying Maca. I saw in another article on maca a recommendation of 1/4 teaspoon per day, increasing to 1 tsp per day, yet your recommended dosage is 1 tablespoon. What do you think is the right amount?

From Karen: Hi Chris. First of all maca is a food not something to be "dosed" with per se. (Just wanted to make that clear for the benefit of all!). It depends why people are taking it. if there is a real hormonal issue to be addressed then less than 1TBSP per day is unlikely to really make a difference; at least this has been the experience of those I know who have dabbled in this way. If it's for nutritional reasons, then anything is good providing someone has a positive reaction to it, so really it's about how much you *need* it. Hope this helps!

ur dude

Dear Karen
Please tell me where can i get maca in the UAE. Ur feature abt maca is soo gr8 that i feel to have a try on it. I just want to increase more to my libido...
Waiting Karen.....!!!!


Can someone please tell me where to find maca in karachi, pakistan??

Brian Walker

Hi Karen!

Do you happen to know who manufactures the "Maca Extract Extreme". The product does not appear on the Fresh Network website. I have found a couple of other sites that claim to sell something like this but I cannot find the manufacturer anywhere! I consume huge amounts of raw Maca daily and would like to try this more highly concentrated product. Please help if you can.

Thanks, Brian

From Karen: Hi Brian, I used to get mine from I'm not sure if they still do it but they were the originators. Good luck!

Ken Horst

In Southern Calif., Maca is available in just about all health food stores or on line:
David Wolfe has Maca, Goji's,etc.

Leo A Blair II

Hi Karen,
Started watching your videos on my computer thru I love all that I have seem so far.
After watching the Flax Cracker video. We are hooked and I make 8 or 9 trays weekly. Mmmmmm good. There are soooo many varieties one can come up with. Just imagine, A booklet just for making flax crackers. or one could call them..flat-flax crunchers. Great with soups(raw) and we love em with Kim Chi.
Keep up the wonderful education process. Do you ever come to the state? Would love to have you as a guest speaker at our Vegetarian Society. Thanks a million.

Donna Snider

I live in Ontario Canada and Maca has given me back my life after a hysterectomy

Dawn Cartwright

Hi! I've been using Maca for about 2 months now, with a break inbetween. I find that sometimes, when I take a small (1 teaspoon) amount of Maca, I feel very anxious. Seems that when I take the larger amount I feel luscious. When I take no Maca, I feel "neutral". Could it be possible that a small amount is worse than taking the full (2 tablespoons) dose? Thanks for any feedback! Has anyone else felt this anxious, over stimulated feeling? Dawn


Hi Karen

That is a wonderful article about maca. I have never heard of it. It sounds very intriguing.

I was looking for natural ways to improve sexual performance without viagara or the like and the best thing I have come across so far it this at
but I am glad i found this page. The maca sounds soo natural. I would love to try some and learn more about it.

Do you know if it is available in the US in raw form? Yes.... I am a Yank, but my brother lives in the UK in Kent if that makes me any more tolerable.

OH, I love spiritual cinema circle and see it here.

Well then, thanks for your input raw food coach. Have a wonderful day.


Hi Stephen

I am not sure about Ireland, but you can get it from a number of mail order suppliers in the UK.
Try for starters.

Good luck!

stephen lieg

can anyone tell me where i can get maca in ireland i wish to give it a go,


Thanks so much for this article - very informative and helpful. will pass it on to a couple of clients who have just recently started taking maca. thanks. x

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