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March 02, 2006



Hello Karen
I have been looking for a good cracker, and made these this morning. They are so good.

I do not wish to step on any toes here, as I admire those who can eat raw all the time, I'm not there yet, but it's a change to a healthier lifestyle that's important in my mind. I also have not purchased a dehydrator. For others who are in the same position as me, maybe the following information will help. I used my oven, and set the temperature for 275 degrees. I baked them for approx. 60-80 minutes, I just kept checking them until they were dry and crispy. It's a very versatile recipe, I only had ground flax seeds and used these. Added cilentro, roasted garlic instead of raw, and 1/2 zucchini, and black pepper but no salt.
This is a keeper. Thank you Karen for all the valuable information on your web site.


Just came across this easy looking recipe and am planning to try it.. I don't have any sun-dried tomatoes. Could you suggest a substitute?


If you decide to soak the flax seeds, the goopy water makes an excellent natural rinse for curly hair to give it body and shine.


Hi Karen
I love these crackers they are soooo good. can i add amaranth,millet and quinoa seeds to this recipe and do i soak them first? thank you sooooo much for sharing all your fab. recipes.^-^

susan bland

just made my first lot of flax crackers,they were wonderful,i say were because we couldnt stop eating them,the few that were left,have been finished off by my daughter and grandson,i now have a double lot in the dehydrator,as my daughter wants some as well,so easy to make, my 10 year old grand-daughter did most of the work,but can we eat too many of these? thanks for a brilliant recipe.

Flaxseed Dustin

Thanks for the recipe and great article!


Hi Karen and Hi Tara,

I've only just discovered this wonderful website too. Just noticed that
Tara's question about food dehydrators was posted only a few days ago. And I found a website about homebuilt cheap solar dehydrators that you can make from cardboard boxes. Adding a little electric fan shouldn't be too difficult (for days lacking in sun).
I'm definitely going to build one! Here is the link:


Hi Karen,
I have just discovered your webpage and its so amazing! I just wanted to ask your advice on dehydrators- im a penniless student and was wondering if you could recommend a cheap dehydrator as I am eager to try out the above recipes and also many other recipes that require dehydrators-Many thanks

Brenda Weedman

How do you keep the crackers from warping after you flip them over to dry the other side? I use an Excalibur with paraflexx sheets. Drying at 115 deg. Mine are flat when I flip them, but then the edges curl up and they are all wavy by the time they are crisp. Thanks for any suggestions.


Mine came out really well except they stuck to the baking paper! I'll either have to find a way of unpeeling them or develop a taste for paper!

If anyone has any tips to stop them sticking this would be helpful.I have a round "stockli" type dehydrator.


Dear Karen,
I wanted to thank you so much. I'm probably the exact type of person you do all this wonderful work for. I've had a poor diet for my whole life and though I believe wholeheartedly in raw foods, trying them out was another story altogether. (tasteless slop babyfood)

WELL THANK GOODNESS FOR YOU!!!! I tried these crackers after many years of ruminating and buying various complicated books and watching many YouTube videos and I have to thank the stars above for all you do!!! They came out VERY GOOD and I'm just so happy because it was so easy, unintimidating, and smelled and tasted yummy, even my meat heavy husband loved the taste and was impressed and he LOVES crackers. I can truly say, you have inspired me (with your YouTube videos and recipes) to make a huge change AWAY from processed breads and crackers and TOWARDS using this in place of ALL of that. I can't wait to try different flavors and use them as breads, wraps, pizza crusts etc etc. This is going to be a huge help for me, you don't even know!!!! Sincerely, Nichole, Former Bread Addict

Patti Valentine

It's OK that the whole flax seeds pass right through you. They will swell when water is mixed with them and provide fabulous lubrication to the colon.

There are raw "pudding' recipes that feature whole flax seeds.

Sherry Smith

Whole flax seeds are not very indigestible and will pass right through you. Mill them or used ground flax seed.

matt damour

Hello ..
I was wondering the best way to sprout allot of flax seeds ( around 8 cups) at once. Thank you very much.


what is the approximate drying time of the crackers? many thnks

Viola Woolcott

Hi Karen - what dehydrater would you recommend? I do not like plastic (as it leakes) and I am not sure what paper is the best to use?



I thought the magic number for dehydrating and still keeping the food "live" was 117 degrees. Is this true?
Thank you.

Mary J

I've read other recipes for flax crackers that say to soak the seeds for 8 hours before making the dehydrated cracker. What's the point of that?

From Karen: Good question! Well, the purpose is to re-activate the enyme activity and therefore make for better digestion, HOWEVER, I really do think that in the case of making flax crackers, considering we are dehydrating the mixture, this really is not necessary. You will find if you do soak the linseeds (flax) for a few hours that you end up with a gloopy mixture that is quite offputting. There is nothing wrong with doing this and yes I'm sure some benefits are the net result however, I think it's best just to get on and make them from dry as I do, or grind the seeds first which make for a flatter, more even cracker. All personal preference at the end of the day.


I have tried so many times to make any kind of cracker or bread. They either smelled bad or tasted bad. I prepared these crackers, (I did not mill the flax seeds)and they are amazing. My kid likes them.


Those sound super yummy! I'll have to try them out!

David Cohen

All these recent articles about dehydrating (mini teach-in, How to get going) and now the recipe made me decide to dust of (literally) my Excalibur (haven't used it for months), and make them there crackers ... thanx Karen. It just keeps getting better :-)

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