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March 25, 2006



Deborah asked about eating oats and whether they were raw. I wrote to some of the leading cereal manufacturers in the UK and was shocked at the high temperatures used on oats. One company said their oats were heated to 104 degrees C!

Pimhill Organic Porridge Oats and Pimhill Organic Jumbo Oats (which are grown in the UK) only heat their oats to 35 degrees C which I believe is acceptable to raw foodies. The oats taste good to me. I do use organic oat groats but the porridge oats are easier to use.

If anyone has any other info on oats I'd be interested to hear about it.


Yes, it is possible to eat raw potatoes and they're quite tasty actually.

First you need to grate them thinly or make spaghetti with your mandoline (like thin chinese noodles).

Then you extract the excess of starch simply by soaking it in a bowl of warm water (blood temperature) for about 15 minutes. The starch will go all to the bottom of the bowl.

Discard the water and warm the potatoes to blood temperature and season with olive oil,crystal pink salt and any fresh herbs of your choice. It's delicious!

You can also dehydrate it with a bit of olive oil, salt and herbs as well for a more 'chippie' taste!

Bon Appetit to all,

Sil from Brazil - living foods speaker


So, then we shouldn't feel too bad about eating baked/cooked potatoes right? I'm a raw foodist too and I haven't eaten potatoes in their raw state only because I didn't like the taste. Glad to know they're not the best things to eat raw. I wonder if it's better to eat them cooked then?


Ha! Well there is something to be said about taking things at one's own pace - I was out walking my dog and I thought, "Hey, I'll pulse some lentils to try and make a soup!" So, thanks for the heads up as I serendipitously saw this post! Sprouting is still a mystery to me, one that I do look forward to discovering...thanks again.

Deborah Stanley

Dear Karen, just starting out on a RAW adventure in Argentina with Saskia Fraser's mum (we've been inspired by Sas, she did a course with you). I've ordered your book about intuitive eating so it awaits me back in UK. We've set up a holistic retreat out here and I do treatments for the guests and teach yoga. All diets are catered for and the veg garden is HUGE!

Just wondering, we have an abundance of pumpkins and squash and butternut squashes, can we eat them raw, grated into salads etc? Also, can oats be eaten in any raw form (love them, would miss them!), and lastly, does the nutritious quality of melon get interfered with or interfere with other fruits if they are mixed together in fruit salad, also in juices?

Many thanks, Deborah Stanley


Hi Karen,

This may seem easy but how do you marinate vegetables? I have tired with no success. I want to marinate bell peppers and they never turn out. Thanks Christine
P.S. Love you books.

Karen replies: As you know my books you will know that I like the quick and easy method! When I marinate veg all I do is simply chop the veg all up in a bowl, give them a good swishing of olive oil, add some lemon juice (or apple cyder vinegar instead for a tangier bite) and then I may add some fresh or dried herbs. Then mix it all around, making sure everything is coated, and leave to sit for a few hours, or preferably overnight in a refridgerator. Works a treat, so long as you don't over or under-do the oil : )

Karen Knowler

Thanks Leo : )

I have sent you an email privately about the questions you asked re events in the US.

Thank you!

Leo A Blair II

Hello Karen..once again.
Now that I think of it, I first became interested in the raw food movement when I was told about Scott & Helen Nearing from the State of Maine. They wrote the book, "The Good Life". That was many years ago and they did everything as close to natural as possible.
Thanks again,

Leo A Blair II

Hello Karen,
Just downloaded your e-book on 50
Quick, Easy,Healthy & Delicious Raw Food Recipes and Wow! are we in for a treat!. Where have you been all my life? Sure glad I found your website and all the wonderful information that you have so nicely made available.
You could be named the "Angel of Raw Food"!
Thank you ever so much. Keep it coming..all that information. A friend of ours is going to open a Raw food restaurant and retreat center in about a year. Want to come on over and teach your program?
Blessing to you and your staff.

Karen Knowler

Re mushrooms: They are fine raw for most people (I eat them a fair amount, but usually marinated, as part of a recipe or marinated and dehydrated)...

I listed them here only in terms of "watch out for the poisonous varieties" - because obviously they are a no-no!

Dirty Butter

I'm confused about the mushrooms. Are they not to be eaten raw at all, like in salads?

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