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March 10, 2006


Karen Knowler

Hi Charlotte

It wasn't a typo. Commerical organic produce can be and usually is dipped in chemicals before the produce goes on sale. I know, it is scandalous, but it's true. The Soil Asociation allow a certain amount of chemicals to be used and it is still classed as organic.


"and it's usually not dipped in chemicals like commercial organic produce."

Typo? Did you mean just "commercial produce", or are you implying that what is sold as organic in grocery stores is being treated with some chemical? Because, if that's the case, I thought that means it's not organic?


I'm constantly trying to eat raw on a very low budget (currently £5.70 per day after I pay all my bills) and find that many tips on the internet assume you have a car.... I live in London where many don't own one and rely on public transport and cycling, me included, so visiting farmers or farmer's markets directly becomes difficult.

I am keeping a web diary of my progress, I am now on day 3 of my 100-day raw food on a budget challenge... Hopefully it is ok to post it here:

I'm posting it in case it is useful for anyone and/ or for others to give me help and advice...




I'm really finding your website inspiring. I found out about raw food a year ago and am still struggling to make the transition. Especially because we do not have a large budget and have two small boys to feed as well! Also a lot of the recipes and budget saving ideas I have read are from authors that live in hotter climes. One budget idea I read was to go round your neighbourhood and find the citrus trees and ask your neighbours if you can have some! Not very useful info if you live in the UK!

I have just qualified as a hypnotherapist and one of my main reasons for wanting to go raw is because I *know* that it will help me understand and help my clients through clearer thinking, better memory, more energy, more compassion etc.

Thanks for the free info on your website. I shall be buying your ebook asap!

Warm wishes,

Coach Handbags

Great articles and it's so helpful. I want to add your blog into my rrs reader but i can't find the rrs address. Would you please send your address to my email? Thanks a lot!


thanks for that karen. i got some useful tips... especially the banana one. do you eat purly organic? organic can rise to almost be double that of ordinary food.


This is more of a short-span once-a-year tip: for birthdays and Christmas you can say to friends and family that you'd appreciate edible gifts - fruit/veg/nut hampers, etc. or any other ingredients you may use in your raw food menus (a nice big bottle of olive oil, Tahini, etc). Nice way to stock up on goodies!

Also, I haven't tried this, but now thinking of it ... something like a sou sou could work (with relevant adjustments considering raw foods are perishable) if a group of rawists get together. Instead of pooling money, pool raw foods and whoever's 'turn' it is that week or fortnight or month will get the whole 'harvest' of goods.

Sou Sou: "A savings arrangement where a group of people each pool an equal amount of money for a period time (month, two weeks, etc) and after that time is up, one person in the group gets all that money. They keep doing this till everyone gets their turn and receives that full lump sum at least once."


inspiered by Victoria Boutenkos book Green for Life I started to ask in organic supermarkets when I buy my fruits and veggies if it is ok to select some of the Green stuff that is normaly thrown away as the greens of Carrots, Radish, and other roots. So I collect regulary half a small bag full for free!!!!!! I put them in my green Smoothies but if asked if these are for my rabbit I mostly nod as I do not want to get into any discussions or odd glanzes.
I like especially the carrot and radish greens. taste great in green smoothies or soups.
enjoy :)


Thanks Karen!


Wow! I'm inspired. Fresh 'n' Wild are pretty expensive! Thanks for the great tips :)

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