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    Karen is known for her “easy, simple and fun” approach to both food and business, as much as her deep insight, compassion and wisdom. Karen is former Managing Director of The Fresh Network, the UK's Raw and Living Foods organisation, founder and former editor of Get Fresh! magazine, founder and sole organiser of the Fresh Festival and author of a multitude of life-changing books, eBooks and articles, including “Raw Food Made Simple” and her latest book “Eat Right for Your Personality Type” published by Hay House in March 2012. Karen has been involved in the field of raw food since 1993 and is based in Hertfordshire, England.

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January 05, 2006



I would prefer 8.00 on friday evening because at the moment I can only join in the classes when I have a day off.


Congratulations and thank you for this wonderful service. I haven't listened to any yet but hope that as time goes by there will be podcasts for people who couldnt listen in that will overcome the challenge of different timezone and other commitments.

I know you guys at Fresh are really busy, but if there are any knowledgeable people out there who know about free podcasting could you find out as much as you can and pass the info onto Karen. That way. I look forward to checking my email and seeing a link to the days event waiting to be downloaded onto my computer for listening at my leisure.
Thanks again Karen

David Cohen

It would be great if _some_ of the Fresh Friday calls were later in the afternoon, say 17:00 (so people who get home a bit earlier from work can join in) or in the evening, as is done with the first Raw Food Leaders Class.

My 2p worth.


Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach

Hi hotpotatomo!
Thanks for your suggestions. It early days with the Fresh Friday! calls, but I'm already thinking that I may reschedule them to 8pm rather than 1pm. This is predominantly because, like you, many people are working and it's not ideal or easy to slip away and be on a call like this in a public office or out on the road etc. So.. I'd like some feedback from people on what they think? 1pm or 8pm? I'm happy to do either and obviously 8pm makes it more doable for our American friends...
Thanks again!


I was really excited when I found your website. I would like to know, since I work during the call time, if you will ever podcast? It is cheap to do and it allows everyone to download it to thier MP3 players to learn to? Also, there vidcasts that can be done say if you were doing a cooking episode (but thats take a video camera to do). I'm really excited and hate to miss out. If you have any questions please let me know.

a raw foodie novice, hotpotatomo

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